Using Article Syndication to Generate Traffic

Article syndication can be a powerful way to generate traffic and build your MLM business. At first glance, it looks complicated. Today I’m going to show you simple ways to harness its power to generate leads and sales.

What Article Syndication Can Do for You

Writing and syndicating articles can build your business in two very powerful ways. First, it generates traffic to your site. People read your article and follow the link in the resource box to your site to read more of your great content. This not only increases the number of leads, it’s great for your SEO and boosting your page rank. The second benefit is that it does wonders to establish your credibility. A critical part of creating your presence on the internet is establishing yourself as an expert. The more often people see your articles and in the more places, the more they sit up and take notice of what you have to say.

How to Do It

Most people agree, the why of article syndication is very clear; it’s the how that causes some people to think it’s hard. It really isn’t. The key is to have hundreds of articles circulating around the web at any given time. While that sounds like a Herculean task,

I’ll show you how to do it in the space of about an hour per week.

Write; Then Write Some More

First, write your article. If your branding efforts require you to stick to a specific theme, that’s fine. There are many topics to a theme. My theme is internet marketing and I never have a shortage of topics to write about. You can also use a well-researched keyword list to identify topics. Create an article that runs between 400-600 words; 4-6 paragraphs. Make sure you fit your keywords/phrases into the title and first paragraph then in appropriate places throughout. A good keyword density is 1:100. Anything too much above that will sound strange. Now this part is vital so listen up; each paragraph MUST be independent. That means that each one has to make sense by itself and not refer to anything in another paragraph. Now take the article you just wrote and rewrite it two more times including the title, but keep the information in each paragraph the same. If you take it paragraph by paragraph this is much easier. Be careful not to drop any keywords.

Switching it Up

If each of the articles you just created has a title and six paragraphs, you now have 21 interchangeable parts of new articles. That’s the next step. Simply take paragraphs from each article and put them together. You don’t have to be a whiz at math to know this process can give you hundreds of new articles for syndication. I know I promised you that you could do this in an hour a week, so I’m going to let you in on the secret; there is article syndication software that will do this for you.


To distribute your articles, submit them to article distribution sites. There are scores of sites that maintain a database of articles both free and paid where publishers of all types can select articles by topic. Your resource box is attached to each article so no matter where your article ends up, you get credited. Article Syndication is a tool of master business builders. Try putting it to use for you.

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