Finding the Best Email Marketing Service for MLM Business Builders

In the world of internet marketing, email still reigns supreme.  It is still the primary way to reach out to prospects with your marketing message and help them understand why your solution to their problem is best.  Before you believe any of the “email is dead” messages you may receive, take a look at your own inbox and decide for yourself if it’s true.

Back in the early days of internet marketing, there were very few rules and people read everything delivered to their inboxes.  These days, though, the opposite is true.  SPAM has become a huge problem so email marketers are subject to very rigid rules about the types of messages that can be sent and to whom.

People have become so overwhelmed with email that just getting them to open one can be a challenge.  However, once they do, there is no more powerful way to build a relationship with potential customers.

An email marketing service can be a valuable partner in getting your marketing messages delivered, opened and acted upon.

A Marketers Best Friend

The list of jobs that make up email marketing is huge.  Observing SPAM rules, creating the right message, measuring response in the form of open and click through rates, the list goes on.  Major marketers have an entire staff of people to do these jobs.  If you’re a one man shop, hiring a staff probably isn’t an option for you.

Fortunately, there is a great solution in the form of the email marketing services that offer everything internet marketers could ask for and more. The key to finding the best email marketing service for you is to know what you need now and in the future.

So What Do You Need?

Email marketing services run the gamut from basic autoresponders to full-service programs that include shopping carts and analytics and the prices range accordingly.

My experience has been that it’s best to choose a service you can grow into as your business expands.

Planning now for the future needs of your business can save you a lot of trouble later because changing providers can be complicated.  Most companies offer a 30- day free trial so you can learn how to use it and “test drive” it to make sure it’s the best email marketing service for you.

Features You Probably Want

There are specific features of email marketing programs that are “non-negotiable for any marketer using the internet.  These include the ability to set up and send autoresponder email messages at predetermined intervals.  The best email marketing programs allow you to segment your subscribers based on any criteria you determine.  In this way, you can send different messages to specific segments of your list members.

Performance tracking is also a key component of an email marketing service.  It’s of prime importance to track and analyze results from each email you send, or of an email campaign as a whole.

The best email marketing services offer easy-to-build sign up forms (also called “opt in boxes”) to make it easy for people to subscribe to your list.  The ability to create professional looking email newsletters is also important if you are going to offer a newsletter to your audience.

Finally, a new service offered by the top email marketing services is the ability to automatically create emails from your blog posts.  In this way, you can leverage your time and your effort in creating as many contract points to your customers as possible.


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