Video Syndication Tools Square Off: Traffic Geyser vs. Tube Mogul

Video marketing is HUGE right now.  Everyone’s doing it and if you’re a serious business builder, you should too. Making videos is so easy 8 year-olds are doing it, so today we’ll talk about the hardest part of video marketing; syndication.  There are currently two giants in the world of video syndication tools: Traffic Geyser and Tube Mogul.

Apples and Oranges?

Traffic Geyser and Tube Mogul may look similar at first glance, but there are some major differences just under the surface.  Deciding which program will work best for you depends on how you plan to use it and what kind of content you’ll be distributing and what kind of features you need your video syndication tools to have.

A Different Focus

One of the differences between Tube Mogul and Traffic Geyser is the type of content each distributes.  Video spamming is fast becoming an issue with video portals, so Tube Mogul rejects syndication of most out and out marketing videos.  The videos that make it past the Tube Mogul filters contains high value information.  Traffic Geyser doesn’t have that restriction so most internet marketers are finding it easier to use as a video syndication tool.


The one area where Tube Mogul shines is in the analytics department.  Because they are so dedicated to preventing spam, video portals are very prompt to provide feedback on the videos that have been distributed through them.  Knowing the numbers is vital to evaluating a marketing campaign.  Of course, Traffic Geyser provides analytics as well.

The Bells and Whistles

This is where it’s almost impossible to compare Traffic Geyser and Tube Mogul because when you look at the features Traffic Geyser offers that Tube Mogul doesn’t there isn’t anything to compare.  Tube Mogul is great as far as it goes, video submission and collecting data while Traffic Geyser is a soup to nuts video syndication tool.  It includes extras like a slide show creator that lets you make videos from audio and photo files and a squeeze page builder that makes it amazingly simple to create squeeze pages quickly.

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