Why Internet Marketers Need to Understand Basic SEO

To generate the traffic you need to build your MLM business, it’s essential to understand basic SEO practices.  SEO or Search Engine Optimization is positioning yourself so the search engines see your site as relevant to what your prospect said he was looking for.  With most searches returning millions of results, you can see why it’s critical that your site shows up on the first page.  Most people don’t look beyond that.

The Job of a Search Engine

A search engine is like having the best research assistant ever.  It never takes a day off and it exists solely to help you find everything it can related to what you’re looking for.

When you enter search terms in the box, the search engine goes to work, returning everything that seems relevant in the pages of results.  It even tries to sort the information for you so the most relevant information shows up on the first page.  The way you word your request will affect the sites the search engine gives you.

Keywords are Key

The words people enter into a search box to find information are called keywords or keyword phrases.  When the search engine goes to find the relevant sites, it’s looking for those specific words.  For instance, if you entered “apple pie recipe” into a search box, sites that use those words will come back in the results. The first results will be the exact matches the next ones will be ones that are close such as “best apple pie recipe” or “mom’s apple pie recipe”.  If you only entered “apple pie”, you would get results that mention apple pie rather than specifically recipes.

Matchmaking Search Engine Style

It’s definitely in your best interest to make it easy for search engines to find and return your site in the first page of a search.  You can help them do this by listing keywords in the header code for your site.  It may look like gibberish to you, but search engines love it because it offers them a short cut to indexing your site.  Of course if you list “apple pie recipe” in your keyword list, your site better offer lots of information and apple pie recipes in order to meet the second criteria; relevancy.  A few shady marketers tried using popular keywords that had nothing to do with their content just to generate traffic, but the search engines got wise to this trick and penalize those who use it.  Use your relevant  keywords as often as you can throughout your site.

What This Means to You

Now that you understand basic SEO and how it works, you can see how important it is to keep it in mind as you create your content.  What we covered here is just a short introduction to SEO; there can be (and have been) volumes written on the subject.  Keeping up to date on SEO techniques is critical to maintaining a constant flow of new traffic to your site, which in turn is critical to generating leads for your business.

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