You Can Become a Social Media Manager

The fundamental rule of making money with any kind of business is to find a need and fill it.  This gives you a ready-made market that already wants what you have.  This is where fortunes are made.  In this article I’m going to pull back the curtain on a relatively new need that has business owners everywhere wringing their hands.

When I tell you what it is, you’re going to think “I knew that”.  What you might not have considered is how easily you could profit from it.  I’m referring, of course, to social media marketing.  Most business builders agree, this is a vital part of growing a business online and off but the time and skills necessary to doing it well are huge obstacles. What businesses today are looking for is someone to do it for them.  You can become a social media manager and be that person for them.

The Problem

Social media marketing is something of a conundrum.  It’s one of those things everyone knows they should do, but those who try are finding it almost impossible to budget the time necessary to really learn how to become a social media manager much less maintain their campaigns with any consistency.   As a result, business owners everywhere are joining the cry of “I don’t have time for social media marketing” and throwing in the towel.

The Opportunity

If you happen to be one of the fortunate ones who already has a pretty good handle on social media marketing, there is a huge opportunity available right now to become a social media manager for other businesses.  The market for this is huge as more businesses move online everyday.  These businesses need the traffic and web presence created by a social media campaign, not to mention someone to keep them up to speed with the new SM platforms that appear in the future.

Breaking into the Market

Getting started as a social media manager doesn’t require a lot of investment, lead time or equipment.  I became interested in the subject when I read about a woman who is making a very good monthly living doing this part time from her cell phone. You can start with the computer you have right now and if you need to develop your SM skills, there are several good low-cost programs available that can bring you up to speed quickly. If you become a social media manager even part time it can help provide income your business needs to grow.

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